Shape the city​ you live and work in.

From the start of your early career and beyond, we’re focused on giving you every opportunity to learn, do and experience more. We're building the world's most enterprising and dynamic real estate company and we want you to be a part of it.

Our Programmes

Our programmes will provide you with a first-class platform to kickstart your property career.
They have been designed to maximise your potential and accelerate success.
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International Graduate Programme

This unique programme will provide you with the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised qualification, whilst you travel, explore and experience what it is like to work and live in different countries.

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Local Graduate Opportunities

For graduates we provide several training and development opportunities suitable for the country you live in. They have been designed to give you exposure to working with key clients and on impactful projects.

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Colliers Apprenticeships

Our variety of apprenticeships will give the opportunity to learn from industry-leading professionals whilst gaining hands-on experience. Ensuring you can demonstrate the required level of knowledge, skills and behaviours associated with becoming a qualified professional.

Internships and Placements

Our internships and placements enable you to learn and experience what it is like to work for a market leading commercial real estate company. Our programmes will provide you with an insight into our services, build your network and give you exposure to key clients.

About us

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We are enterprising.

Our expert advice to property occupiers, owners and investors leads the industry into the future. We invest in relationships to create enduring value.

What sets us apart is not what we do, but how we do it. Our people are passionate, take personal responsibility and always do what’s right for our clients, people and communities. We attract and develop industry leaders, empowering them to think and act differently to drive exceptional results.

What’s more, our global reach maximizes the potential of property, wherever our clients do business.

At Colliers, we accelerate success.

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Find out more

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